UFC 99 Results

Written by Tom Ngo
June 17th, 2009

UFC 99 Results – With “UFC 99: The Comeback” officially in the books, we have a chance to look back and reflect on what took place in the UFC’s first-ever event in Germany.

For the first time, 5thRound.com provided its viewers with an exciting alternative to getting their fight results. We are the only MMA website to ever offer LIVE Audio Round-by-Round coverage.

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to listen in, at the completion of each round of the night’s main bouts, The M.D. and Ngo-Stradamus shared with you their exclusive word’s-eye-view of the night’s scraps.

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Preliminary Bouts:


John Hathaway Defeated Rick Story via Unanimous Decision
Stefan Struve Defeated Denis Stojnic via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 2:37 in the 2ndRound
Peter Sobotta Defeated Paul Taylor via Unanimous Decision
Paul Kelly Defeated Roli Delgado via Unanimous Decision
Dennis Siver Defeated Dale Hartt by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in the 1stRound
Terry Etim Defeated Justin Buchholz via Submission (D’Arce Choke) in the 2ndRound

Main Bouts:

Marcus Davis (-220) vs. Dan Hardy (+180):

1stRound:  [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match1round1.mp3[/mp3]
2ndRound: [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match1round2.mp3[/mp3]
3rdRound: [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match1round3.mp3[/mp3]

Dan Hardy Defeated Marcus Davis by Split Decision: This was a great fight to start the main card with. Both Hardy and Davis spent the better part of the last few months trash talking each other through the media and the fight was definitely worth the coverage as Hardy proved that he belongs with a win over Davis. It was easy to see that both guys were going for the win and not backing down but Hardy’s height and reach advantage allowed him to scrape through with the victory.

Spencer Fisher (-200) vs. Caol Uno (+160):

1stRound:  [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match2round1.mp3[/mp3]
2ndRound: [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match2round2.mp3[/mp3]
3rdRound: [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match2round3.mp3[/mp3]

Spencer Fisher Defeated Caol Uno by unanimous decision: It’s been years since Uno has competed in the UFC, 5 to be exact. Fisher used his speed and strength to keep the craft Uno at bay the entire fight. Neither fighter imposed themselves on the other, but Fisher did just enough to earn the win.

Ben Saunders (+190) vs. Mike Swick (-240):

1stRound:  [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match3round1.mp3[/mp3]
2ndRound: [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match3round2.mp3[/mp3]

Mike Swick Defeated Ben Saunders by TKO (Strikes): No real surprise here, Saunders was no match for Swick’s striking and it was clear from the start as Saunders tried to pull guard as soon as the fight began. We’re not sure where Swick REALLY stacks up in comparison to the top-level welterweights in the UFC, but he had a good showing tonight.

Mustapha al Turk (+350) vs. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (-550):

1stRound: [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match4round1.mp3[/mp3]

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic Defeated Mustapha Al-Turk by TKO (Strikes): We saw glimmers of the former Pride Open-Weight Grand Prix champion, but we must remember that Mustapha Al-Turk is not Josh Barnett. Cro Cop still looked a little gunshy and still has a lot to prove after his less-than-stellar showing against Alistair Overeem where he was bullied and pushed around until a low blow saved him from another loss. Cro Cop needs to use the tools that got him to where he is, a devastating straight-left punch and a combination of leg, body and high kicks.

Cain Velasquez (-200) vs. Cheick Kongo (+160):

1stRound:  [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match5round1.mp3[/mp3]
2ndRound: [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match5round2.mp3[/mp3]
3rdRound: [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match5round3.mp3[/mp3]

Cain Velasquez Defeated Cheick Kongo by unanimous decision: The result of this fight didn’t shock us, the fashion in which it happened did. Velasquez looked unimpressive in his stand-up as Kongo capitalized on the limited striking chances he had, rocking Velasquez on multiple occasions. Unfortunately for Kongo, this was just a bad match-up for him. Velasquez is a well decorated wrestler and Kongo has no wrestling skills whatsoever. If Velasquez can eventually clean up his striking, he can be a force in the heavyweight division.

Rich Franklin (-150) vs. Wanderlei Silva (+120) (Catchweight of 195 Pounds):

1stRound:  [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match6round1.mp3[/mp3]
2ndRound: [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match6round2.mp3[/mp3]
3rdRound: [mp3]http://www.5thRound.com/results/ufc99/ufc99match6round3.mp3[/mp3]

Rich Franklin Defeated Wanderlei Silva by unanimous decision: Although we don’t completely agree with the scoring of the fight, we understand it. Franklin was more precise and got contact with Silva more, but the damage was clearly done on Silva’s side. In both the 2nd and 3rdRounds, Silva had a chance to end the fight, but was unable to take advantage of a weary Franklin. The Wanderlei Silva that MMA fans have come to love is now gone, no longer is he able to knee his opponents to unconsciousness and no longer can he sustain his fast-paced tempo.

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