Paris Hilton Training MMA, Look Out Kim Kardashian (Video)

Written by Tom Ngo
May 17th, 2010

Kim Kardashian, you better watch your pleasantly plump ass because Paris Hilton is coming with some relentless MMA training for your unavoidable catfight.

In exclusive video footage released today on BJPenn.com, the socialite is seen pounding the heck out of a punching stand while under the watchful eye of former “The Ultimate Fighter 5” contestant Gabe Reudiger.

Apparently, the two hotties have been at odds since Kardashian’s meteoric rise to fame. Hilton is reportedly jealous that her former hanger-on has emerged from her shadow in such an astronomical way (For some reason, I actually took the time to research this and that’s the only reason I am sharing).

I wonder if Paris caught a glimpse of Kim K inside the squared-circle not too long ago. Here’s the footage Paris, just in case you were in the scouting mood:

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