Dean and Mazzagatti Draw UFC 100 Main Events

Written by Tom Ngo
July 8th, 2009


The Nevada State Athletic Commission has handed out the refereeing assignments for UFC 100. Controversial ref Herb Dean will oversee the heavyweight title unification scrap between champ Brock Lesnar and interim title-holder Frank Mir, while Steve Mazzagatti will be joining welterweight king Georges St-Pierre and Thiago Alves inside the Octagon.

Dean has been much maligned over the past few years as he built a reputation for having a quick trigger. On multiple occasions he has “prematurely” stopped fights, receiving loads of criticism for his insistence to err on the side of caution.

Mazzagatti, who thankfully put a razor to his porn-stache, has been openly blasted by UFC president Dana White for his past ineptitude inside the cage.

After Cheick Kongo served up a buffet of punches and elbows to Mustapha Al-Turk’s grill at UFC 92, Mazzagatti took his sweet time stepping in to stop the punishment which promoted the brash prez to state, “He’s a nice guy, but he’s not a referee.”

The good news for the battered referees is that their boss isn’t the fans, White or the UFC. No matter how dissatisfied they are, the only votes that count are pleased with their employees.

“I don’t know why Steve’s got such a bad rap from Dana,” NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer said. “All I can think of is Steve, as a fireman, he has paramedic training. I think compared to the other referees, he probably knows better if a guy is hurt or not.”

So Dean gets ripped for jumping in too soon, while Mazzagatti gets blasted for standing around with his hands in his pockets. A day in the life an MMA referee.

Where you at “Big” John McCarthy???

Kizer also confirmed with the website that “UFC: Undisputed” referee Mario Yamasaki will also be working July 11th, as well as Yves Lavigne.

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