Rashad Evans to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson: “Stop Acting Stupid Just Because You’re Black”

Written by Tom Ngo
May 19th, 2010

If stupid is as stupid does, then Rashad Evans believes his mortal enemy Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has done did it. The rivals got into a heated exchange during yesterday’s UFC 114 media call after Rampage questioned Evans’ resume.

“A win over Rashad would be like a moral victory for me,” Jackson stated. “Rashad doesn’t have a title. He couldn’t even hold onto the belt. It’s almost like I’m asking myself why I’m even fighting this guy. But then I did ‘TUF’ and now I know why. If you aren’t on the same level as someone, you should keep your mouth shut. This guy isn’t on my level. I defended my title. I don’t like the way he talks to me. He’s real fake and real cocky for someone who hasn’t really done much in this sport …”

“Who am I to fight him?” interrupted Evans. “Who the (expletive) is he to fight me? I beat Forrest (Griffin), you lost to him. Just because you’re black, stop acting stupid. I can’t stand that attitude. Rampage does his same old thing like black-on-black crime. He just acts like he doesn’t know what’s going on for comedy. I’ve talked to him before. He’s a smart guy. He just acts stupid.”

“At the end of the day on May 29th, you know that you’re getting your ass kicked,” Rampage fired back. “You go home and open your own gym and coach because you’re a good coach. You ain’t a fighter, homie. A guy like you with a glass jaw shouldn’t be talking as much as you are talking.”

“I have a glass jaw? I remember you getting rocked with a straight right hand going up against the cage against (Keith) Jardine,” Evans emphatically stated. “You got a glass jaw. You’ve been knocked out many times and you were on queer street when you fought Jardine. You’re going to quit. What about the ‘Shogun’ (Mauricio Rua) fight? You quit. You sat in the corner and gave up. You were still talking while you were asleep.”

“You were on queer street a long time when you fought (Thiago) Silva,” Jackson retorted. “You had jiggly legs and all. It was like you were gettin’ jiggy with it.”

UFC president Dana White was also on the call, however like much of the media, opted to sit back and laugh as his former light heavyweight champions sold the May 29th pay-per-view event for him.

(Special thanks to Sherdog.com for the transcription)

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