Atencio Ready for Some Real Action

Written by Tom Ngo
June 25th, 2009


If you weren’t in the know, Affliction Entertainment VP Tom Atencio also moonlights as a professional mixed martial arts fighter. His relentless work ethic has already allowed him to produce two successful MMA shows and now he looks to match that success inside the cage as well.

The soft-spoken promoter will be ending his three-year-long hiatus from combat fighting, putting his perfect 1-0 record on the line to face Randy Hedderick at “Ultimate Chaos” inside the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi this Saturday.

“He’s a brawler,” Atencio told 5thRound.com of his unknown opponent. “I’ve built a gameplan and I know if I do what my coaches tell me to do, I should be fine. He isn’t going to bring something that I am not expecting.”

Although Atencio openly admits that his plate is full, he was more than willing to accept the challenge of training for a professional fight while putting together “Trilogy,” his third consecutive blockbuster MMA promotion.

“He said that he wants to knock me out, and that’s fine,” Atencio told us. “He has everything to gain and nothing to lose. He wants to make a name for himself and I am prepared to face that.”

He might be prepared for the fight itself, but what about his grill? Is he at all worried that Hedderick might jack his mug up so badly that he will be too much of an eyesore during next month’s aggressive “Trilogy” promotional tour?

“I am already ugly as is, so it’s not going to make much of a difference,” Atencio jokingly told us. “No, I’m not worried about getting my face beat up.”

While most would be overwhelmed with his schedule, Atencio is as calm and cool as always. Like everything else with him, it’s one step at a time.

“I’m no different than any other fighter out there,” stated Affliction’s front-man. “Randy has to work a full-time job and then train too. So I don’t think that just because I am more of a public figure it makes me any different.”

The “Ultimate Chaos” pay-per-view event will be available for $29.95 and will be headlined by former WWE employee Bobby Lashley as he will be taking on former NFL lineman Bob Sapp.

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