Georges St-Pierre Motivated by One Percent of MMA Population

Written by Tom Ngo
June 4th, 2010

Although Georges St-Pierre collected his seventh straight convincing victory when he dominated Dan Hardy at UFC 111, GSP received much flack for not finishing off another lesser opponent. Despite his dominating effort, the welterweight king’s second consecutive unanimous decision victory didn’t sit well with fans. However, the champ is quick to point out that it could have easily gone the other way as well.

“Every time I go out in the cage, I want to fight a flawless fight,” GSP told Yahoo! Sports. “I wanted to score a spectacular win. I came out and I had him and almost ended the fight [with a 1stRound armbar]. It is funny sometimes how the whole fight can turn on such a little thing. He gets out of it and the fight goes another 4Rounds and now all I hear is that I have become a boring fighter.”

After losing his title to Matt Serra at UFC 69 in April 2007, St-Pierre morphed into MMA’s most vicious ground practitioner. Instead of exposing himself in standup wars – the only way it appears he can be defeated – GSP opted to exploit his superior wrestling skills to stockpile wins, much to the dismay of the UFC’s thrill-seeking audience.

“A lot of the fans who say that I did well, I appreciate that. But even if it is just one percent of the people who criticize me, it is [that] one percent who will push me to become an even better fighter,” St-Pierre said of the chip on his shoulder.

To make sure his unparalleled game doesn’t level-off, the planet’s baddest 170-pounder attacks the gym everyday with the hunger that he did prior to becoming “GSP.” That’s why he hopped a plane to study under famed boxing coach Freddie Roach last month.

“This is my attitude when I go to the gym: ‘Did I leave the gym that day a better fighter than I did when I came in?’ I’ve only been here a few days with Freddie and each time I left feeling like I was better,” St-Pierre said of his thirst for perfection.

“It is time to focus on my boxing. When I get to the other side of my career I don’t want to be one of those fighters who have been hit too many times, so they keep getting knocked out. If you have the opportunity to work with someone like Freddy, you take advantage.”

While fans are hoping Roach helped GSP find his pre-UFC 69 mojo, it sounds as though the welterweight champ focused on Roach’s defensive theories to ensure he avoids future Serra-like setbacks and prolong his illustrious career.

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