Murray Released From Jail (UPDATED: Arrested Again)

Written by Tom Ngo
June 25th, 2009

Lee Murray, a former MMA fighter and alleged mastermind behind the largest cash robbery in the planet’s history, was auspiciously released from a Moroccan prison according to ESPN The Magazine.

On February 22, 2006, a group of masked men, one of which was reported as being Murray, held up a London, England security depot and walked away with a staggering $92 million in cash.

Shortly after the heist, five of the Murray’s alleged cohorts were caught and arrested, with numerous reports claiming that at least one flipped on Murray, stating he was the one that organized the entire robbery.

Murray immediately fled the country with his share of the loot and headed for Morocco. Nearly a year after the theft, he was arrested on drug charges and sentenced to eight months in a Morroccan slammer.

When U.K. authorities caught wind of Murray’s whereabouts, they instantly requested to have him extradited to their country in order to charge Murray and locate the cheddar.

However, that motion was recently shot down and Murray is now free as a bird, much to the surprise of his own attorney.

“I spoke to him last night and he didn’t even know that he was going for a hearing on the extradition,” Derek Parker, Murray’s U.K. attorney told ESPN The Magazine on Wednesday. “It was a complete surprise. When he arrived to court, they told him, ‘You’re a Moroccan citizen. You can go.’”

Although British investigators have thoroughly scoured the globe for Murray’s cut of the dough, they continue to come up empty handed. It is being reported that Murray took home tens of millions that night, most likely stashed in an off-shore account somewhere.

The Associated Press has reported that British police say they will now correspond with Moroccan police on the inquiry.

Murray currently holds an 8-2-1 professional MMA record. In his last fight, he lost a unanimous decision to current UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva in September of 2004.

(UPDATE: 6/25/09 10:00AM PT)

Immediately following his release, Britain’s legal enforcers requested that Moroccan authorities try Murray in Morocco for his connection to the 2006 robbery. Murray was promptly arrested again, according to his Moroccan attorney, Abdellah Benlamhidi, who told FanHouse that he expects a trial to start soon.

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