Lesnar: "I Know I’m Going to Beat Frank" at UFC 100

Written by Tom Ngo
July 11th, 2009


Believe that Brock Lesnar is the UFC heavyweight champion. Believe that he knows that no matter what he does he will always have more haters than homies. Believe that he could care less because at UFC 100 he believes he will avenge his loss to Frank Mir and unify the division’s title.

“I can understand some fan’s opinions, but I’ve been proving myself my whole life,” Lesnar stated. “I’ve always been an underdog, been fighting to prove myself, and it doesn’t bother me. You just don’t gain respect overnight, you’ve got to work for it.”

Although he hasn’t gained the respect for his performance inside the Octagon, he certainly is getting treated like a superstar outside of it. His presence on the card warranted bumping UFC welterweight superstar Georges St-Pierre’s epic battle against Thiago Alves to the night’s co-main event.

In addition, the former WWE employee is one of the divisions most inexperienced fighters, yet found himself in a title fight in his second-ever UFC scrap.

Love him or hate him, it’s no sweat off his back. He’s been to the top of the mountain only to subsequently fall into its deepest and darkest valley, and he is now back at the top again. He just isn’t standing there by himself right now and that’s why he’s able to keep a level head.

“I’m not getting caught up in la-la land,” Lesnar said. “I’m keeping everything in perspective and keeping it real. Even though I’ve got the belt, I can still become a better fighter. It poses a whole other threat now, with people gunning for you and not just me trying to climb the ladder. Being at the top of the ladder can be more difficult than going up it one step at a time. I’m trying to evolve as a fighter every day.”

Lesnar also acknowledged that the back-and-forth banter in the media between he and Mir is only helping hype the show, and that is why he isn’t ashamed to add fuel to the fire since it will only add to his pocket book.

“When we get in the Octagon there are many variables in place, but I know I’m going to beat Frank,” Lesnar said. “Deep down, that’s the difference.”

This sold-out event will be taking place inside the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas today and will broadcast LIVE on pay-per-view beginning at 10PMET/7PM PT.

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