Bobby Lashley Following Brock Lesnar’s Path

Written by Tom Ngo
June 27th, 2009

Bobby Lashley

He was a collegiate national champion wrestler, then parlayed that into a successful career as a WWE employee. If you thought I was talking about UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, think again. The formula might be the same, but Bobby Lashley is trying to get to where Lesnar currently is.

“Brock has obviously done exceptionally well in the short period of time he’s been fighting,” Lashley said of his former professional wrestling co-worker. “Anyone who is in this profession would like that kind of success.”

Lashley will be taking on former Chicago Bears lineman Bob Sapp today at “Ultimate Chaos” in Biloxi, Mississippi. The 32-year-old will be entering only his fourth career professional fight with a perfect 3-0 record.

“I’m throwing these 250 pounds in his face real quick and see if he has what it takes to withstand the abuse and the punishment,” said Lashley. “If he does, it’s going to lead to a longer fight. If he doesn’t, I’m thinking it will be a real short fight.”

If Lashley’s prophecies come to fruition, he will be well on his way to following in Lesnar’s gigantic footsteps. Although the journey will be a lengthy one, he thinks his combination of hoopla and talent will ultimately get him there.

“This is a results-oriented business, and it’s up to me to take advantage of the opportunity I have been given,” Lashley said. “Of course I want to make it to the highest levels of this business. Who doesn’t? I’m not expecting anything to be given to me, though.

“I want to create a buzz, but I want to do it by the way I fight.”

You can catch “Ultimate Chaos” LIVE tonight on pay-per-view begining at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

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