Batista to Follow in Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley’s MMA Footsteps?

Written by Tom Ngo
May 27th, 2010

Batista WWE Superstar

According to legendary WWE commentator Jim Ross, Dave Batista could be the latest professional wrestler headed to the violent world of mixed martial arts.

Here is what J.R. posted on his official blog:

“Speaking of MMA, I’ve heard some rumblings that when Batista gets healthy that he might try his hand in the MMA world. This rumor is FAR from official but I do know that Batista has been doing some MMA training and has a bona fide interest in the genre.

This would be a huge challenge for Batista if he indeed attempts to compete in MMA at a high level which, again, is not a done deal.”

If Batista decides to pursue an MMA career, one of the many issues the 41-year-old will be forced to address is his ridiculously chiseled physique.

In August 2007, Batista was accused of juicing after an ESPN article released the names of several wrestlers that were clients of Signature Pharmacy of Orlando, Florida, one of many pharmacies under investigation for filling illegal prescription drugs.

Batista vehemently denied being a customer of Signature and stated that he has been “tested regularly by the WWE, and I am in full compliance with the WWE Wellness Program.” The WWE reportedly suspended ten wrestlers named in the controversy, however Batista was not one of them.

UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar and Strikefoce’s Bobby Lashley made the jump to MMA a few years ago and have done surprisingly well for themselves, particularly Lesnar.

Here is some exclusive footage of Batista honing his mixed martial arts skills:

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