Rampage Gets Sued for Miscarriage

Written by Tom Ngo
June 25th, 2009


Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is being sued by one of the people he crashed into while evading Costa Mesa California Police last July. Making matters worse, the victim was pregnant at the time, that’s right, was. Holli Griggs, is claiming Rampage’s rampage caused her to miscarry her 16-week-old fetus.

TMZ.com is reporting that Griggs filed a lawsuit against Rampage in Orange County, California today claiming he repeatedly rammed into her ride “so he could escape and flee the scene (hit and run).”

Griggs claims “the impact of [my] abdomen with the steering wheel caused [my] amniotic fluid membranes (bag of waters) to rupture, ultimately resulting in the stillbirth of [my] baby.”

This really isn’t breaking news as this came up the very minute Rampage was apprehended on that July 15th evening. At the time, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office investigated the matter, however their medical research concluded that the miscarriage had nothing to do with Rampage’s driving skills.

“We reviewed all the medical records and spoke with the victim’s physician and the evidence showed that the loss of the fetus was not related to the crash,” stated Farrah Emami, a spokesperson for the OCDAO.

Griggs is opting to go after Rampage anyways, claiming Rampage owes her more than $25k for property damage, personal injury and emotional distress.

On August 28th, Rampage pleaded Not Guilty to two felony and four misdemeanor counts that the Orange County District Attorney’s Office handed him.

However on January 8th, Rampage changed his tune and pleaded Guilty to one misdemeanor count of reckless driving, and one felony count of evading a peace officer and driving against traffic.

By reversing his initial not guilty pleas, Rampage will be granted a plea bargain which will keep him out of jail as long as he meets the requirements of the plea bargain. In addition, his felony charge will be dismissed, and he will only be charged for the one misdemeanor count.

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