Lashley Zaps Sapp

Written by Tom Ngo
June 28th, 2009

Despite facing a 77-pound disadvantage in his “Ultimate Chaos” scrap with former NFL lineman Bob Sapp, it took Bobby Lashley all of 3:17 to dispose of his massive opponent in the 1stRound Saturday night.

“Going out there with somebody like Bob, you’ve got to be prepared,” Lashley stated after the fight. “I was expecting him to come out there and throw those big bulls, so I just wanted to get him down.”

Apparently, what Bobby wants, Bobby gets as he immediately took the larger Sapp to the mat in the bouts opening ticks. From there, Lashley unleashed the most impressive G’nP display of his young MMA career.

“I knew I could go out there, take him down, cover him, keep him flat and pound him,” said the former WWE employee. “That was our game plan. I stuck with it and went out successful.”

Sapp was on his back for the rest of their fight, eating a barrage of punches and elbows to the grill before getting submitted with less than two minutes to go in the opening round.

Don’t get too excited Lashley fans. He may have earned a “submission” victory, but BJ Penn he is not. Although we all know that American Top Team has improved the former professional wrestler’s MMA game by leaps and bounds, Sapp tapped via STRIKES.

Lashley now bumps his pro mixed martial arts record to a perfect 4-0, all coming within the last 18 months. Following the W, the up-and-coming heavyweight stated he would like to tango at least two more times this calendar year.

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