Yvel Will Meet Buentello at "Trilogy"

Written by Tom Ngo
June 28th, 2009


Affliction Entertainment VP Tom Atencio previously told 5thRound.com that the victor of the heavyweight clash between Gilbert Yvel and Pedro Rizzo at “Ultimate Chaos” would face Paul Buentello at “Affliction: Trilogy” later this summer. With his dominant win on Saturday night, Yvel assured himself an August 1st workday.

“The winner of the Gilbert Yvel-Pedro Rizzo fight is gonna fight Paul Buentello,” Atencio previously told 5thRound.com in an exclusive interview. “It has been rumored, but you are pretty much getting the confirmation from me.”

Yvel assured his fate just 2:10 into the opening round after he slapped Rizzo silly, knocking the MMA vet out cold.

As Rizzo shot for a takedown, the Brazilian slipped and Yvel instantly pounced on him. He landed five wicked shots to Rizzo’s dome before putting him to bed early.

Oddly, after the 33-year-old earned dibs to dance with Buentello, instead of focusing on his immediate future he opted to plant the seed for leaving Affliction in favor of some Octagon action.

“From there, (I want to go) up to the UFC, up to the champions, because I want that belt,” Yvel stated after his bout. “I want the big-ass belt.”

Apparently Yvel is more enamored with the UFC’s “big-ass belt” than the WAMMA title that Affliction’s Fedor Emelianko stakes claim to. If he really wanted to fight the world’s best, Fedor is right across the hall.

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