Ngo-Stradamus Calls UFC 81

Written by Tom Ngo
February 2nd, 2008

The world knows Nostradamus as the man that predicted many major world events.  His prophecies are undeniable and have created quite the cult following.   Well 5thRounders, Ngo-stramanus will look to do the same thing, but in the context of the MMA world.   Coming off of a humiliating 1-4 performance at UFC 80, which the great Ngo-Stradamus expected because I can predict the future (sheer sarcasm to help ease the pain), I foresee Ngo-stradamus will rebound nicely for this round of prophecies.

Chris Lytle (-600) vs. Kyle Bradley (+400)Lytle has the edge in experience, with 44 professional fights, with about 10 of them coming against top competition in the UFC, including former Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes. Bradley, however, is making his Octagon debut and hasn’t had the luxury of facing the top tier fighters while he has made his way up the MMA ladder in C-level organizations.

Who really knows if Lytle will ever be a legit contender in the deep 170-lb division, but losing a gimme fight like this one will certainly lead to an exit from the organization. However, Lytle not only has him beat in experience, quality opponents, but he is just a better fighter.

Ngo-stadamus predicts:  Lytle by a 2ndRound submission

Tyson Griffin (-360) vs. Gleison Tibau (+280)

Usually, in MMA the Lightweight fights are the most exciting fights of the night. Their speed and willingness to stay in the pocket to exchange makes for electric outcomes. Unfortunately in this fight, you won’t be seeing much of that. Griffin is one of the most highly regarded within the UFC division, and despite his impressive 10-1 record, has never shown a consistent willingness to finish fights. In fact, only his first fight in the UFC didn’t go to the hands of the judges, where he was able to submit David Lee via rear naked choke.

Tibau comes in as a pretty large underdog, but out of his 15 MMA W’s, 7 have come via submission, so he is clearly dangerous on the ground. Look for Griffin to try and keep this fight standing, however I don’t believe that he has the hands or the heart to finish Tibau. Griffin has had the Judging Gods in his corner the last three times out, but if he lets it go that far again, he may have “Pressed his Luck” one too many times.  “No wammies, no wammies…STOP!” This wouldn’t be a bad underdog to take, for all you gamblers out there.

Ngo-stadamus predicts: Griffin by 3rdRound (T)KO

Jeremy Horn (+180) vs.  Nathan Marquardt (-220)

Well, this will be professional fight 1,999,999 for Horn, no actually it will only be number 100, if our sources are correct. Horn stepped up for the UFC as he was a last minute fill in, but don’t look for that to be an advantage for Marquardt, as Horn is always in shape due to training or fighting. Also, at this point in his career, there really isn’t much that he hasn’t seen or done.

Marquardt has been a much hyped fighter since his emergence into the UFC. Not only with what he has done inside the cage, but also training out of a camp as prestigious as Greg Jackson’s camp, you can see why. He was one of the hottest fighters in the division, winning six in a row before he lost his last bout against UFC Champion Anderson Silva. Losing isn’t what counts, because everyone loses against Silva, but it was the fashion in which he lost. Getting knocked out in the 1stRound, where he really didn’t even compete worries the Great Ngo-Stradamus, but this should be a solid opponent for him to get his career back on track.

Ngo-stadamus predicts: Marquart by Unanimous Decision

Tim Sylvia (+130) vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (-160)

Hello?! Hello?! Sorry, I was just calling to see if there were any Tim Sylvia fans out there, and of course I received no response. Well, here we are again, a Heavyweight Title fight and Sylvia is involved. It says one of two things: 1.) This guy is a top tier fighter and is performances always deem him worthy of a title or title shot. 2.) This division is so weak that an overrated and under-talented (is that even a word?) fighter can always get a shot at a title. I would have to convincingly go with the later.

Sylvia’s conservative style has not satisfied UFC fans one bit, and don’t look for that to change. Six of his last seven fights have been decided by the judges, and the one KO he was able to get was when he beat Andrei Arlovski at UFC 59, nearly two years ago.

UFC management has made very aggressive moves to try and bolster the fledgling division, but the only acquisition that has panned out was the Current Heavyweight Champion, Randy Couture, who is no longer with the organization…for now. Bringing over “Big Nog” was a great move as he has fought and beat some of the best Heavyweights in the world. Not bad to be getting a title shot in your second fight for the best MMA Organization in the world. But then again, that says something about the quality of the division.

Ngo-stadamus predicts: Nogueira by 3rdRound T(KO)

Frank Mir (+130) vs. Brock Lesnar (-160)

Tonight Lesnar will be the first professional wrestler to ever enter the Octagon. The UFC took a huge risk and an even bigger financial investment to try and spice up this bland division. Is Lesnar more show than skill? How will Lesnar’s successful amateur wrestling career translate into prime-time MMA fighting? Those are just a couple of the questions that will be answered tonight as he takes on former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir.

Mir was at one time exactly what the UFC was looking for to represent their division. He was well rounded, exciting and had the charisma that they could really market to the fans. However, during his reign as UFC Champion he suffered a devastating motorcycle accident in 2004, and has been trying to put the pieces back together ever since. Clearly not the same fighter he once was, this is a great opportunity for Mir to climb up the ladder against a much hyped, yet unproven opponent.

In Lesnar’s only professional MMA fight, he knocked out Min Soo Kim in about a minute. Soo what? From the clips that I have seen of his training, sure he still has his wrestling game, but he looks very awkward on his feet and will be even more uncomfortable if Mir can get him on his back. Mir really has nothing to lose in this fight, and he should attack Lesnar with that attitude. On the other hand, Lesnar has all the pressure on his broad shoulders, not only having to live up to the hype, but his success may very well lead to other high profile professional wrestlers to try and make the jump over to MMA. This is my upset special, if you can even call it an upset.

Ngo-stadamus predicts: Mir by 2ndRound Submission

And those are Ngo-stradamus’s calls for UFC 81.  Don’t forget that 5thRound.com will be hosting another “Outside the Cage” LIVE AUDIO Play-by-Play of UFC 81 today exclusive here on 5thRound.com. The festivities start at 7PM PST, so make sure that you join us and call in also! The number to call in is (646) 716-9824. Feel free to talk smack about Ngo-Stradamus’ proclamations…however it may be tough considering I will be right!

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