Urijah Faber Doesn't Agree With WEC's Pay Scale

Written by Tim Ngo
July 2nd, 2009

Urijah Faber

Speaking to RawVegas.tv, former WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber has voiced his displeasure regarding what he’s currently being paid. When asked if he felt the difference in payscale between the UFC and WEC was fair, Faber responded by saying, “No, I definitely don’t think it’s a fair scale. The biggest difference and hardest thing for me to communicate with Zuffa is they say that this is a different company than the UFC.”

Faber did offer a couple of suggestions to improve the WEC’s payscale saying, “We need to do pay-per-view shows, that’s how everybody’s getting paid. If I was the one making those calls, maybe I would do that [create a featherweight division in the UFC]. I can certainly make a case for that but I’m at the will of those guys right now and they hold the ball in their court and I’m just gonna try and play.”

Faber went on to say, “I had a meeting with Dana [White] and Lorenzo [Fertitta] and they were explaining that to me and I was like, ‘well you guys could always talk to the owners, see if maybe they could pull some strings.

“I mean I’ve done my part. I’ve done countless interviews and have gone above and beyond with the PR and stuff like that so hopefully we’ll get appreciated.”

The former champion only has one fight left on his contract and is coming off of his second loss to current champ, Mike Brown. Faber’s hoping that Zuffa has heard his concern loud and clear saying, “I got my message across and they’re reasonable people, so we’ll see what happens.”

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