Fedor Emelianenko to Fight on February 15th in Chicago

Written by Tim Ngo
October 30th, 2007


According to an interview on Fedor Emelianenko’s (26-1-0) official website, he will be fighting in Chicago on February 15th against an unnamed opponent. When asked about a possible opponent, Emelianenko responded by saying, “the first fight will take place in USA Chicago on the 15 of February. The opponent is not known as for now.”

Rumors point to his opponent being former UFC Heavyweight contender Jeff Monson (23-7-0).

Here’s the interview from Fedor Emelianenko’s website, I wanted to thank Bullock from the Underground Forums for having the interview translated to English:

“correspondent: How is M1 different to UFC and PRIDE?

FE: Pride FC ceised to exist and UFC faces no real competition at the moment. Therefore it can be concluded that UFC is kind of a monopoly in the world of MMA. UFC sometimes treats fighters and their managers in a wrong way. Whereas M1 treats fighters in the best possible way. In M1 i feel like i am fully understood and respected. But what I want to highlight is that the new contract allows me to compete with fighters that belong ot other organizations, that is, we are not intending to lock ourselves out within the organization but we will negotiate with champions from other organizations.

correspondent: What rules are going to be used in the new organization? Will fights take place in the ring like it was in Pride, or in the cage like it is in UFC?

FE: They are still negotiating on the rule set, because they want to make them interationaly accepted, so they can be applied equally in Europe and America. But the rules are going to be based on Pride rules.

correspondent: Do you know where the first fight is taking place? and who you are going to fight in the ring?

FE: The first fight will take place in USA Chicago on the 15 of February. The opponent is not known as for now, but we are in the process of negotioation with a number of fighters.

correspondent: many fans are worried that due to long time-breaks between your fights you do not advance to new fights in the optimal shape and they regard years 2003 and 2004 as the pick of your physical shape?

FE: I think that at this moment i am in a good physical shape and i continue to train hard. Right now I am preparing for the Sambo World Championships and afterwards I will continue with my MMA career.

correspondent: Do you normaly use a standard mouthguard or do you use a multilayered one professionaly made by a dentist?

FE: I normaly use a standard mouthguard and prepare (make) it myself according to instructions. correspondent: Apart from fights, what are your future plans?

FE: After the World Championships I am going to Slovakia to give a seminar, and after that I will start preparing for the February fight.

correspondent: do you know where the training camp will take place?

FE: We expect it to take place in …(a number of russian cities) we have not decided on this yet.

correspondent: How is the project of the” Academy of Fedor Emelyanenko” coming along?

FE: As far as i know it is now at the stage of preparing the location. The project is under my coach’s control (Mihail Voronov) so you should better direct this question to him.

correspondent: there is some information about the english version of your official website http://www.signfedor.com/ so fans are wondering, which of two is the main official version?

FE: This is the first time I hear about this. My official website remains www.fedor.bel.ru

correspondent: Knowing about your popularity in among the millions of russians, has any of the political parties offered you to agitate in their favour in the upcoming parliament elections?

FE: I have received a couple of offers and not only in regards to the agitation (pormotion) position… however, I want to remain out of politics so i can concentrate on my sports career.

correspondent: The training camp for the Prague’s Sambo World Championships will take place in Moscow. Are you going to organise a meeting with Moscow MMA fans?

FE: I doubt it, because for the entire 10 days of the training camp schedule is very tight. correspondent: Do you have dreams that yet to come true?

FE: I do, I want to take a break from the ongoing training process…and go to a beach where it is warm and you can see fish in water like in an auqarium.

correspondent: What kind of rest do you prefer? Is it more of an acitve kind or is it the kind where you get to jsut lie down and get some suntan?

FE: I prefer the active type of rest, I enjoy swimming very much, anything but not just lieing down.

correspondent: How is building of your new house coming along?

FE: it is not finished yet.

correspondent: with your extremely tight schedule, do you still have spare time to draw? Will the fans enjoy some your new artwork any time soon?

FE: Yes, I always try to save a minute for drawing. With all the ongoing trips overseas it is problematic, but it is possible during training camps. I think i can please my fans with some new drawings.”

If you want to see the original interview, click here: http://www.fedor.bel.ru/?id=164

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