(UPDATE) Jamie Yager Unleashes EXPLICIT Tirade on “Two-Faced” Tito Ortiz

Written by Tom Ngo
June 3rd, 2010

Due to Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz’s longstanding beef, this season of “The Ultimate Fighter” has been slightly more entertaining than past editions. Although last night’s episode provided some of the most dramatic scenes in TUF history, it was nothing compared to the show that went on after the Spike TV broadcast.

Jamie Yager’s quarterfinal matchup against undefeated Josh Bryant was featured in Wednesday night’s show. Here is what Yager told us Tuesday night regarding his relationship with his TUF 11 coach – BEFORE last night’s episode aired.

“I hope it was the real Tito [that was on the show]. He looked like he genuinely cared about us,” Yager told 5thRound.com. “I respect him. I signed [at the Punishment Athletics booth] with him at the UFC Fan Expo [over the weekend].

“He brought me along a little bit, I talk to him. He picks up my calls and we talk a little bit here and there.  It’s not an everyday thing like we’re best friends, but we talk.”

Fast forward 24-hours and this is what the “The_Chosyn_One” Tweeted about “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” after Ortiz blasted him for “quitting.” Yager’s decision not to answer the decisive 3rdRound bell allowed Bryant to advance to the semifinals of the middleweight tourney – leaving him only two wins away from capturing the coveted six-figure UFC contract.

Here are Yager’s UNEDITED Tweets regarding Mr. Jameson:

@titoortiz fuck you pussy I didt know you called me that,look in the the mirror you coward you can’t even face Chuck bitch, he will ko again

@titoortiz you talk your shit behind peoples back you two face coward wannabe brown pride

@titoortiz likes to hit women cause he can’t fight Chuck

I just seen that faggot to

He likes talking shit about his balls when he gets mad , WHAT BALLS FAGBOY


not one time did I hear him complain about his neck not once

then Fagboy wants us to sponcer his shit fuck him bitch boy, hiting a women i wasent going to get into this but it’s on now

pussy even wanted us to wear hiks lame ass shorts what a lil bitch

I knew I smelled something when I met that fool PUSSY @titoortiz

(UPDATED: 6/3/10 at 9:23 AM PT)

Ortiz Tweets back: “@The_Chosyn_One its funny how u can talk shit on here! But u can do a signing at my booth for ufc expo. bridge burnt!”

(UPDATED: 6/3/10 at 9:43 AM PT)

@JamieYager claims that his Twitter (@The_Chosyn_One) got Paul Pierce’ed, “not sure who got my name and talking shit on here but it aint me”

Something tells me Yager might experience this problem the next time he tries to reach out to Ortiz:

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