Georges St-Pierre: I Ain’t Scared of No Olympic-Style Drug Testing

Written by Tom Ngo
June 8th, 2010

If Josh Koscheck is playing Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s role, then UFC welterweight king Georges St-Pierre is certainly not portraying Manny Pacquiao.

While the two parties involved in the only mega-fight remaining in boxing continue to squabble over Olympic-style drug testing, Koscheck recommends for the strict screening procedure to be conducted in MMA as well – particularly since his next scrap is against a man some believe has used steroids.

“I would love to do it; why not?” Koscheck told MMAJunkie.com of perusing stronger testing methods. “I think Olympic-style testing would be great for our sport. At least you do it a couple times out from the fight.

“I think it will be a great idea.”

Olympic-style drug testing is far superior to the standard urinalysis used by athletic commissions around the country. Blood tests are able to identify a greater range of performance-enhancing drugs, including Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – a booster that isn’t detectable through most screenings, including the Machidas’ drink of choice.

The controversy was stirred up during yesterday’s “The Ultimate Fighter 12” media day when Kos shared some inside info he received from Team BJ Penn regarding GSP’s perfectly-chiseled physique. When the 170-pound champ was asked to give his thoughts on top-of-the-line testing, the French-Canadian was ready to spearhead the charge.

“I have no problem; anytime he wants,” St-Pierre emphatically said. “I stand for that more than anybody else. I stand for this, and I just hope it’s going to happen soon. I know a lot of people cheat in this sport, and it’s unacceptable.

“I’m for random drug testing. There’s nobody in the UFC that agrees more with random testing than me. Anything they want, I don’t care. I give my body to science.”

Furthermore …

“I’m not afraid of Josh Koscheck, and I don’t need to cheat to beat him. I’m going to beat him by the book and using the right way,” GSP added. “I’m not a coward. Anyone that uses steroids is a cheater. I don’t need to cheat to win. I am like I am, and I’m somebody that is not a coward.”

Something tells me the UFC will use this “steroid controversy” to sell this welterweight rematch, although St-Pierre has never produced a positive test in his career and appears more than willing to submit random samples when necessary.

GSP took a close unanimous decision over Koscheck in their only meeting at UFC 74, however has morphed into a completely different, yet utterly dominant, champion since their August 2007 affair.

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