Josh Koscheck Praying Georges St-Pierre “Doesn’t Grease Up and Gets Off that Juice”

Written by Tom Ngo
June 9th, 2010

Josh Koscheck was aleady doing a splendid job of portraying the bad guy in his welterweight matchup against champ Georges St-Pierre. However, Kos owns one of MMA’s most vicious tongues and had no choice but to spit hot fire during Monday’s “The Ultimate Fighter 12” media day.

“I plan on making Georges stand toe-to-toe with me,” Koscheck told MMAJunkie.com of his rematch with the world’s best 170-pounder. “This isn’t going to be a wrestling match. I’m going to force him to stand-up with me because I believe he doesn’t have knockout power.”


St-Pierre took a close unanimous decision over Koscheck in their meeting at UFC 74. It was his first fight since being humbled by Matt Serra just four months prior, but more importantly, the debut of the new St-Pierre. GSP 2.0 has executed a much more conservative, yet smart and dominant, attack en route to collecting seven consecutive wins and recapturing the title.

Although St-Pierre’s resume and ground game are impressive, they weren’t the only things on Koscheck’s mind.

“We’ve just got to pray to God that he doesn’t grease up, and he gets off that juice so that we can equal things about it,” Koscheck matter-of-factly stated.

WTF? Did he just …

Earlier in the day, Koscheck took a more indirect route at accusing St-Pierre of abusing steroids by claiming it was something he had “heard” via Team BJ Penn. However, them were some mano-a-mano fightin’ words to me.

Kos appears to be taking some resolve in the fact St-Pierre edged out a close decision over him, while he completely destroyed the next six top contenders thrown his way since their August 2007 tango.

Although the welterweight champion has never produced a positive drug test, best believe Koscheck will continue to poke and prod the subject throughout their tenure as opposing coaches on next season’s TUF.

That, amongst many other things …

“I just want to let him know that if he’s going to do that, it doesn’t matter. I’m still going to beat you because it can’t make the chin that much stronger. His chin’s still weak,” Koscheck said in closing.

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