Dana White Confirms Chuck Liddell’s Alcoholism? Was Tito Ortiz Right?

Written by Tom Ngo
June 10th, 2010

Do you guys remember back in late January when Tito Ortiz viciously accused Chuck Liddell of alcoholism and everybody this side of “The Iceman” vehemently denied Liddell’s love for liquor? Well, if you read between the lines, UFC president Dana White may have shed some truthful light on the dark matter.

When asked whether he would force Liddell to call it a career if he were to lose to Rich Franklin this Saturday at UFC 115, White not only provided the obvious answer, but may have accidentally opened up a can of worms that Liddell hoped was firmly sealed shut.

“Yes [Chuck will retire], and I think he will say the same thing,” White told Fighters Only “But let me tell you what the difference is – the difference before, when I wanted him retired, was that he wasn’t doing the right thing. He was out partying every night and doing the wrong thing, not the right thing. He wasn’t living the life of a professional athlete.

He and I sat down and talked and I will tell you what, he has kept his word. He has been phenomenal shape since the beginning of “The Ultimate Fighter” and it will be interesting to see how he does. Because Rich Franklin is tough, he is no joke.”

Flashback to earlier this year when Ortiz told MMAJunkie.com the following:

“I think [Liddell] had a problem. A lot of people go through addiction. I think his deal was he was an alcoholic. He loved to party.”

“Thank God that Dana gave [Liddell] an intervention, and he’s sober now. He’s been sober since November, and he looks like a different person. It’s awesome.”

“I’m proud he’s found sobriety – very proud of him.”

Immediately upon catching wind of the allegations, Liddell told MMAFighting.com that his drinking problem was fictitious and he never had a come-to-Jesus talk with White regarding the matter. White’s recent comments clearly state otherwise.

Hard to imagine, but was Tito Ortiz actually telling the truth?

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