GSP Faces Friendly Foe at UFC 100

Written by Tom Ngo
July 11th, 2009


Some fighters talk-the-talk but can’t walk-the-walk, while others are able to walk without the talk. UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre is known just as much for his polite ways as he is for his punching power, however he may have met his match in Thiago Alves.

“This fight, for a lot of people, seems less dangerous for me because Thiago Alves is a gentleman,” GSP said of his UFC 100 opponent. “He’s not somebody who needs to trash talk to promote himself. He’s a very respectful guy, but that makes him even more dangerous. Skillwise, he’s bringing a lot more problems to the table than anybody that I’ve fought before.”

Unlike the night’s main event between heavyweight king Brock Lesnar and interim champion Frank Mir, these two welterweights actually admire the others’ MMA game. Perhaps that is why they both have decided to let their fists and feet do the talking for them tonight.

“People can talk as much as they want, talking doesn’t help,” St-Pierre said. “It’s the fighting that’s going to do the job in the Octagon. Thiago Alves is a great fighter, and he doesn’t have to talk bad to make himself confident. He’s a confident guy by himself, so that’s what makes him even more dangerous…”

Although Alves doesn’t make much noise with his trap, his performance inside the Octagon has created quite the ruckus. And although they have come from different sides of the 170-pound spectrum, GSP knew early on that he needed to keep a watchful eye on the youngster, at least from afar.

“When I first saw him fighting, I knew he was going to be a potential opponent,” St-Pierre stated. “He’s very good at a lot of things. He can stand, he has good takedown defense, and he’s really big. The biggest opponent that I have ever faced.”

Not only will the man standing opposite him inside the cage be large, but the stage in which they will be competing on is the grandest of them all.

Surely some nerves have to be kicking in with the toughest scrap of his young career being just hours away, right?

“It’s not my first time [fighting in a big event], but every time, the pressure gets bigger,” St-Pierre admits. “Every time I’m fighting a tougher opponent than I did the time before. But I’m really good at focusing on what I’ve got to do and taking away the distractions that I have. The main thing for me is to win my fight.”

UFC 100 will be jumping off tonight inside the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the pay-per-view broadcast beginning at 10PM ET/7PM PT.

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