Dana White high on Brock Lensar's UFC debut

Written by Tim Ngo
February 5th, 2008

Although Brock Lesnar’s debut probably didn’t go as either Dana White or Lesnar himself expected it to, many feel that he proved a lot in his first fight for the UFC against former champion Frank Mir. White was interviewed by Steve Cofield after the fight and he had this to say, “the big quesiton tonight was can Brock Lesnar fight? And the answer was yes he can. The guy was 1-0 in Mixed Martial Arts came in and fought a guy who was 10-3 and a former world champion, submission guru and Brock Lesnar looked damn good. After the fight got over, everybody jumped up Rampage, Matt Hughes, Liddell all of those guys said ‘that guy’s gonna be a beast in the Heavyweight division.'”

There was a lot of hype behind UFC 81 because of Lesnar’s debut. You had guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker and Jay-Z in attendance and the crowd reaction was as loud as any fight that we have ever seen.

It’ll now be up to Brock Lesnar to continue to improve as he just entered his 30’s and is already behind the rest of the pack in terms of experience. The UFC is rumored to be booking Lesnar for his second fight in the UFC sometime in June, with yesterday’s Nevada State Athletic Commission’s clearance of any suspensions, Lensar is good to go for June but is the UFC ready to book him?

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