Chuck Liddell Ripped For UFC 115 Showdown With Rich Franklin

Written by Tim Ngo
June 10th, 2010

Has former UFC light heavyweight kingpin Chuck Liddell found the fountain of youth? It appears he could have after his girlfriend, Heidi Northcott, Tweeted some pictures of the new look version of “The Iceman.”

Once mocked for having a “beer belly,” Liddell’s new frame is no laughing matter as it appears he’s prepping for one last run at the 205-pound crown before calling it quits.

The road back to the top officially begins on Saturday night as Liddell will face another UFC legend in Rich “Ace” Franklin, the UFC’s former middleweight champion.

“I started training in November,” Liddell stated. “I went into like a training camp for the show so I stopped drinking and started off-season training all the way through January.”

I’m not sure if you saw the picture of Liddell’s new body but if you haven’t, check it out below because the dude is RIPPED. This is probably the most fit we’ve ever seen Liddell, 40, in his entire MMA career.

Chuck Liddell Ripped

We’ll see if Liddell can find the magic that helped him run through the light heavyweight division from 2004-2006.

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