UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock Admits to Steroid Use

Written by Tom Ngo
June 11th, 2010

Former UFC champion Ken Shamrock appeared today as a guest on HDNet’s Inside MMA and revealed that he took steroids during his controversial career.

“It’s like going to the grocery store. It’s that easy, it’s that simple,” Shamrock said of the drug’s accessibility. “But if you’re going to make things bigger and better, you’re going to hurt yourself.”

Although Shamrock admitted his faults, it didn’t appear as though the 46-year-old was prepared to take full responsibility for his actions.

“[Fans] want home runs, baby,” Shamrock said of the pressures to please. “They want people jacking them out of the park, but when they find out about it they want to stick their head in the sand. Nobody wants to take responsibility, but everybody wants to see it.”

While Shamrock’s admission isn’t a huge shock considering he tested positive for three different anabolic steroids following his win over Ross Clifton at “War Gods” in March 2009, journeyman Dennis Hallman – who was serving as a  panelist on the weekly show – defended the legend’s abuse of the juice.

“Just like if you have a headache, you take Aspirin to make yourself feel better. If you have a serious injury and you take steroids to heal yourself, that’s a smart thing to do,” Hallman said. “That’s what’s going to heal your body. If you’re taking steroids to make yourself a better fighter because you don’t have the skill level or something like that, then it’s a problem.”

Although positive drug test results have been relatively quiet on the MMA front of late, Hallman claims that it’s only because athletes are a few steps ahead of the system.

“In our sport right now, easy – I’m going to throw the lowest number I possibly can – it’s 50 percent of people (that) take them, if not more,” Hallman emphatically stated. “I know a ton of people in the industry, and that’s the number.”

Performance-enhancing drugs picked up steam this past Monday when Josh Koscheck claimed Team BJ Penn informed him that welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre is on steroids and possibly HGH. GSP vehemently denied Koscheck’s accusations and stated he was open to any and all screenings to prove his innocence.

Did Koscheck/Shamrock/Hallman/Josh Barnett/etc. just blast open Pandora’s Box? Is Shamrock’s mixed martial arts career tainted now? Should Shamrock have his membership in the UFC Hall of Fame revoked?

Is there anything, outside of fights being rigged, that would tarnish the sport of MMA more than a MBL-esque steroid scandal???

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