UFC Gets One Step Closer to Having an Event in New York

Written by Tim Ngo
June 17th, 2010

UFC and MMA in New York

After an extended period of not knowing whether the sport of mixed martial arts would ever make it into the largest market in the world, the New York State Senate approved a bill Wednesday that puts fans a step closer towards seeing an Octagon inside of Madison Square Garden.

The bill narrowly passed after received a 32-26 vote and would place the sport under the state’s regulation, much in the same fashion that boxing is sanctioned. The bill now gets passed along to the State Assembly for another imperative vote.

Governor David Patterson believes that the sport of MMA could generate upwards of $2.1 million for NY over the course of the next two years.

According to the Times Union, one of the biggest opponents of the sport, Republican Bill Larkin, was none too pleased about the result.

“I can’t believe that we’ve wasted an hour of valuable time this afternoon,” the Senator stated.

Sucks to be you…

UFC president Dana White is hopeful that he can get an event in New York by the end of the year. The world’s biggest MMA organization has been pushing for years to get back into the Big Apple since the sport’s banning back in the “human cockfighting” days.

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