A Tangled Web He Weaves

Written by Tom Ngo
February 17th, 2008

The New Year is barely upon us, and come March 1st, the UFC is already set to put on what many think will be the fight of the year.  At UFC 82, reigning UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva will be taking on reigning Pride 185-pound champion Dan Henderson, as the two fighters look to unify the Middleweight crown.

“This is actually a dream fight for a lot of the hard core MMA fans,” said UFC President Dana White. “This is one of those fights where you are going to find out who really is the best fighter in the world in this weight division. There is no doubt that Henderson and Silva are the two best in the division, now we’re going to find out who the best is.”

Since Silva entered the UFC in June of 2006, he has clearly separated himself as the crown jewel of the division. Silva has shown to be the most accurate and efficient striker that MMA has ever seen.  His lanky body, coupled with his unique ability to throw a deadly combinations of punches, kicks and knees are unprecedented. Silva has made creditable fighters look absolutely silly as he has dominated them, including former UFC Middleweight champion Rich Franklin, twice.

 “Anderson Silva is the pound for pound best Middleweight in the world,” stated White. “This man has come into the UFC and walked through the entire division.” White added that, ”If this guy walks through Dan Henderson like he has with everyone else in the division, Holy S***, I honestly don’t know if anybody will ever beat Anderson Silva if that’s the case.“

On paper, White may be right because Henderson matches up very well against Silva and his style. Henderson comes from an established wrestling background, but also has the hands to be able to knock out any fighter, just ask Former Pride Champion Wanderlei Silva. Henderson can use his hands to try and set up a shoot, and once he gets Silva to the mat, he can use his superior wrestling skills to maintain a dominant top position, and possibly Ground n’ Pound his way to a victory. However, don’t expect this to faze the reigning UFC Champion.

“I don’t care who the UFC puts in front of me,” stated the confident, but not cocky Champ. “I will fight anybody, anytime, anyplace, for any reason, and that is why I am a fighter. When I beat Dan Henderson, I am going to have an opportunity to unify the belts…my goal is to bring these belts back to Brazil with me.”

The fireworks will certainly be flying this night, and just think, there are still going to be nine more months that the UFC has to try and come up with a fight that will be as spectacular as this one. Not likely if you ask Silva.

“I not only want to put on one of the best fights of the night, but I want to put on one of the best fights in UFC history, said Silva. “I’m going to go out there and do what I do best, and that’s win fights.” 

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