Fedor Emelianenko: “The Fight Showed That Maybe I Didn’t Work Enough”

Written by Tom Ngo
June 27th, 2010

M1 Global Strikeforce Heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko

Strikeforce’s Fedor Emelianenko has only had to do it once before, but the Russian found himself in the auspicious predicament of answering questions following a professional MMA loss.

“I’m really very sorry,” Emelianenko told MMAjunkie.com after getting submitted by Fabricio Werdum on Saturday night. “It’s a pity that I disappointed people who really believed in me and trusted in me, but everything in this life happens for some reason.

“If God decided it that way, that means that was the best way for this very time. I thank God for everything.”

I’m never one to question the decisions the man upstairs makes, but Werdum certainly played a significant roll in the night’s outcome as well. After getting dropped in the scrap’s opening ticks, the Brazilian was able to compose himself and turn the MMA world completely upside-down.

“At the very beginning of the round, I hit Fabricio, and I wanted to finish as soon as possible,” Emelianenko said. “At that very moment, I made a mistake. At the very moment when I had to escape, I stopped.

“I didn’t do that, and that moment was used by Fabricio to finish his lock.”

Although Fedor has never appeared to be the type to offer up any excuses, and he certainly didn’t provide any after tapping to the 4-to-1 underdog, MMA’s former/current best heavyweight was forced to question whether he put in the proper gym time.

“I try to work out so that to come up to the fight in my best shape,” Emelianenko admitted. “The fight showed that maybe I didn’t work enough. Maybe I didn’t work a lot somewhere, and I didn’t manage to make all my technique become automatic. That means I will have to work more.

“My health, I’m in very good condition. I feel myself very, very good. Certainly I would like to have a rematch with Fabricio. If he agrees, I would love to do that.”

Werdum called for an instant mulligan in order to legitimize his upset, so he appears to be on board. The only problem is M-1 Global calls the shots when it comes to Fedor and they may not be interested in completing their Strikeforce contract with Fedor vs. Werdum dos – particularly when a tango with heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem would prove much more lucrative.

Although a title bout would be tough to justify after coming off a defeat, Strikeforce rewarded Brett Rogers with a 5Round affair after getting put down by Fedor – so stranger things have happened. However, the stakes are higher this time around, as a blockbuster pay-per-view may hang in the balance.

Either way, Emelianenko appears to have accepted the setback and is prepared to move on to his next challenge.

“It happens that I was made kind of an idol. Everybody loses. That happens,” Emelianenko said. “No pressure at all. If it is God’s will, the next fight I’ll win.”

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