Brock Lesnar Bringing WrestleMania to UFC 116

Written by Tom Ngo
July 1st, 2010

UFC heavyweight Brock Lesnar

Although his days as a WWE superstar have long been in his rear-view mirror, it appears Brock Lesnar will be looking to turn back the hands of time on Saturday. For you fans expecting a shootout against Shane Carwin at UFC 116, the champ was boasting of a rejuvenated ground attack during Wednesday’s media work out.

While Lesnar will never be accused of having a gift of the gab, the controversial heavyweight will be sporting a new jab inside the MGM Grand Garden Area in Las Vegas. Although, it was not by design.

“I brought Peter Welch in. We changed my stance and switched from standard – from traditional – to southpaw and it’s really worked out,” Lesnar revealed to Paul Heyman. “It’s helped in my wrestling, my shooting. We changed a lot of things.”

Ironically, it appears the boxing guru opened up a can of worms Carwin was hoping didn’t exist. Clearly, the change to lefty wasn’t so Lesnar could flaunt the KO power in his right jab, but to provide a more explosive burst when he goes to take the interim title holder to the canvas.

Lesnar has dissed Carwin’s Division II All-American collegiate resume on numerous occasions, making it a point to distinguish the difference between wrestling in the big leagues and for the junior varsity squad.

“I am a Division I National Champion. Shane Carwin isn’t and I am the UFC heavyweight Champion … and Shane Carwin isn’t that, either,” Brock told ESPN Thursday morning.

Although there won’t be any sharpshooter or camel clutch submissions going down in this steel cage match, there will be some good ‘ol fashioned wrasslin’.

Just remember to bring along your $44.95 to cover the biggest pay-per-view event of 2010 – along with your headgear, one-piece trunks and Asics shoes.

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