Shane Carwin Heads to Hospital After Loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 116

Written by Tim Ngo
July 3rd, 2010

UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin

UFC president Dana White announced during the post-fight press conference that Shane Carwin was taken to a local hospital following his submission loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 116 on Saturday night.  The defeat marked Carwin’s first professional blemish.

“He went back there and I just think he was more fatigued and upset [than anything]. He’s hyperventilating, they were going to take him to the hospital. I don’t think there’s anything seriously wrong with him,” said White.

Carwin was on the verge of the biggest win in his career after rocking Lesnar with a left uppercut that had the former WWE champion ducking for cover.

Although he wasn’t able to recognize it during the onslaught, Carwin was playing right into Lesnar’s hands. The newly crowned undisputed champion used his version of the rope-a-dope to wear out his heavy-handed challenger.

“I really have to thank the referee for allowing that thing to go on,” Lesnar stated at the presser. “I wasn’t hurt. I thought if I just kept moving [I would be fine]. I could feel Shane’s punches slowly becoming less and less.”

Nobody had ever dominated Lesnar the way Carwin did during the opening round, but the Denver native simply couldn’t put the champ away when he had the opportunity.

“Brock’s a tough son of a bitch, man. He took that ground-and-pound like nobody else and I [expletive] tightened up,” Carwin told Joe Rogan before leaving the Octagon.

UPDATE: Shane Carwin just Tweeted that everything checked out fine at the hospital.

“I am fine just getting checked out at the hospital. Ill be back…”

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