Brock Lesnar Delivers on Promise Against Shane Carwin at UFC 116

Written by Tim Ngo
July 4th, 2010

UFC heavyweight Brock Lesnar

Coming into Saturday’s main event at UFC 116, Brock Lesnar professed Shane Carwin would not be the man who takes everything away from him. Although he had to survive some early turbulence in order to get there, Lesnar proved he’s MMA’s top prophet – and heavyweight for that matter.

“I’m not ready to not be the UFC heavyweight champion and I don’t think that Shane Carwin is the guy to take that away from me,” Lesnar said on The Jim Rome Show.

Things were looking bleak for the former pro wrestler, as he ate a huge left uppercut before dropping to his back. That attack preceded the vicious barrage of bombs Carwin rained down while Lesnar protected himself to the Nth degree.

It was a strange – if not eerie – feeling to see the Octagon’s biggest performer in survival mode, but he was. Although, Lesnar claimed during the post-fight press conference he was never hurt, just trying to stay active and weather the violent storm.

“I really have to thank the referee for allowing that thing to go on,” Lesnar admitted at the presser. “I wasn’t hurt. I thought if I just kept moving [I would be fine]. I could feel Shane’s punches slowly becoming less and less.”

It was easy to see the fight had completely changed once the 2ndRound horn sounded. Despite his battered face, Lesnar looked like he was right where he wanted to be – while Carwin appeared completely spent after an entire round of haymaker heaving.

The Division I wrestler secured a double-leg take down with the greatest of ease in the opening moments of the second stanza and it was pretty much history from there. Fans then witnessed the progression in Brock’s ground game, as he immediately transitioned to half-guard to sync-in an arm-triangle that ultimately sealed the deal.

It was an extremely impressive showing by the newly crowned undisputed champion, one that makes him unquestionably the best heavyweight in the world.

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