Wanderlei Silva Addresses Chris Leben and Impending Layoff

Written by Tom Ngo
July 5th, 2010

UFC middleweight Wanderlei Silva

It was supposed to be the ultimate 34th birthday for Wanderlei Silva on Saturday, where the legend was hoping to beat Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 116. Unfortunately, some cracked ribs and a busted knee rained on Wandy’s B-Day parade.

RAW Las Vegas did MMA fans worldwide a favor by putting a mic in front of the charismatic – but something is definitely getting lost in translation – Brazilian, as he was entering Studio 54 in Las Vegas this weekend.

“I feel better right now,” Silva said of his ribs. “I’m going to have surgery on me knee in two weeks and I am going to be out another six, seven months.”

When asked to share his thoughts on Chris Leben’s gutty performance against Sexyama, Silva was complimentary of his potential adversary despite being called out on numerous occasions.

“He’s a good opponent. If he’s going to wait, I want to fight him next,” Wandy stated. “He’s a great opponent for me to fight next.”

Please click the media player below to watch Silva’s interview. UFC welterweight Dan Hardy is also featured in the clip:

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