M-1 Global Going Under Following Fedor Emelianenko’s Loss?

Written by Tim Ngo
July 6th, 2010

Top heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko

It appears as though M-1 Global is under a state of crisis amid claims the company has permanently closed its doors at their head office in the Netherlands. According to reports, financial investors have pulled their resources following Fedor Emelianenko’s shocking loss at “Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum.”

MMAFighting.com is reporting that M-1 Global’s only real source of income was from backers who wanted to be a part of the Emelianenko Express while he was lapping the field. Now that he has suffered his first defeat in nearly a decade, those investors have gone M.I.A. – which has left the people around Team Fedor “panicking” about their futures.

M-1 Global had previously been able to strong-arm both Affliction and Strikeforce into conceding to their hefty demands because they had access to the only fighter UFC brass coveted, but couldn’t get.

Obviously, UFC president Dana White & Co. stuck to their guns and never gave in to the Russians’ demands, regardless of Fedor’s place atop the world’s heavyweight class.

The tables have appeared to turn, as we could be seeing the beginning of the end for M-1 Global. The company has certainly lost a boatload of negotiating power after their meal ticket’s abrupt fall from grace.

Evgeni Kogan, M-1 Global’s Director of Operations, tried to reassure fans Tuesday morning that the reports are erroneous and that his company is doing just fine.

“Taken by surprise by reports of own panic and demise! M-1 is, as has been, for 13 years. Nothing is changing, people,” Kogan Tweeted. “Apparently it’s too much to expect even mediocre levels of journalism from some of our press.”

Although Fedor never claimed to be unbeatable, his hangers-on did. The best thing for the heavyweight to do is get back to work immediately, although he might have issues reporting to the office today.

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