GSP Injured Due to PPV Time Crunch

Written by Tom Ngo
July 14th, 2009

As the clock continued to tick faster than expected at UFC 100, the organization scrambled to make sure the two co-main events fell within the allotted pay-per-view time-slot. Unfortunately for welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre, the impromptu scheduling change cost him a painful groin pull, but fortunately, not his crown.

“My fight was supposed to be the fourth on the card, and they called us a little bit at the last minute because of the pay-per-view, so we got called and I really didn’t have much time to warm-up as well as I should have done,” stated the wounded champion.

Due to the time constraints, the UFC opted to change the welterweight scrap between Jon Fitch and Paulo Thiago to a swing bout, which meant that instead of being the first bout of the televised portion of the PPV broadcast, it would instead take place immediately before or after the main event, depending on time.

Although the faster start time caught him and his corner off guard, St-Pierre wasn’t about to point the finger directly at the UFC and their inability to communicate to their employees.

“It’s my mistake too. I’m a professional. I’m a world champion. I should have been ready for something like that,” said GSP. “It’s just that I was not informed that I was jumping in before I was supposed to.”

Realistically, nobody has ever seen anything like UFC 100 before, so snafus were expected.

Surprisingly, St-Pierre managed to push through and post a dominating unanimous decision win over an explosive Thiago Alves with the use of one leg for much of the 5Round affair.

“It’s pretty bad. I’m in real bad pain,” St-Pierre stated. “It happened in the 3rdRound, and I don’t remember exactly, but when I was on the bottom, in my guard, and Thiago pushed my knee down and I heard my groin, my abductor snap. I heard a noise and it was pretty bad.”

Thankfully, GSP has one of the most brilliant MMA minds in his corner in Greg Jackson to keep him focused on the task at hand. During times of adversity, nothing soothes the nerves more than words of wisdom coming from a calming voice.

“I come back in the corner and I told my trainer I pulled my abductor, and my trainer Greg Jackson, he says to me, ‘I don’t care! Hit him with it!’ So I was like I guess I have to go back there and finish the fight. That’s the gameplan,” St-Pierre said with a laugh. “So I fought on it, with the adrenaline it’s not so bad, now it’s getting really bad, it’s really painful.”

It appears the welterweight king will be sidelined for a brief period as his groin heals, however the question remains, what’s next for him when he does return?

“I want to face the best guy,” St. Pierre commented about his next challenge. “Right now, I’m in really bad pain. I’m going to take a step back and take a look at it and we’ll talk about it, and in a couple of weeks we’ll see.”

Take a break, Georges. You earned it.

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