Matt Lindland not returning to the UFC

Written by Tim Ngo
February 14th, 2008

Its been talked about in the past and it was brought up again on today’s edition of the TAGG Radio show. The guys at TAGG Radio had Matt “The Law” Lindland on as a guest and he was open and honest about his current situation and his attempt to get back into the UFC. Lindland told the guys, “I made it very clear that I was looking for them [UFC] to make me an offer. I said to them make me an offer and we’ll talk.”

Unfortunately for “The Law” the UFC has no intentions of bringing him back into the UFC at this point in time as Lindland explained, “Joe [Silva] responded and said ‘Dana is not going to make you an offer of any kind.'”

Even though he hasn’t competed in the Middleweight division for about a year, Lindland is still seen as one of the top 2 or 3 Middleweights in the world. Lindland is an Olympic caliber wrestler who actually won a silver medal in his weight division as a wrestler. When asked about the UFC’s contracts Lindland told TAGG Radio, “they want guys that are willing to hand over all their rights to them.”

It’s hard to believe that a guy like Lindland can’t get back into the UFC but, “we don’t even know what the price would be, they [UFC] didn’t even give me a low-ball offer.” It’s clear that Lindland’s willing to make some concessions to get back into the UFC, but they aren’t event giving him the time of day at this point.

Lindland did say that he has some things in the works and that we’ll hear something from him soon.

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