Mirko Cro Cop discusses departure from the UFC, a possible rematch with Fedor and more

Written by Tim Ngo
February 18th, 2008

Mirko Cro Cop updated his MMA-ID blog today and he talked about a myriad of topics that had people scratching their heads when they found out that he was leaving the UFC. Some felt that Cro Cop’s departure was forced upon him, but he cleared it up by saying, “I had no problem in getting released from my UFC contract” and that “Mr. White acted very professional”. He admits that he never felt completely comfortable in the cage and that he hopes to, “return one day to fight in the cage.”

Mirko is welcoming a possible rematch with the main who laid out the blueprint on how to pressure him in a fight, Fedor. “The moment our first fight finished I wanted to fight him again. He’s a brilliant fighter and it would be a honor to fight him again.” Obviously he would have to string together a couple of wins to warrant that fight.

By the way, Cro Cop did respond to Cheick Kongo’s comment about needing steroids to fight:

I have a message for Kongo. Listen, I thought that you are a sportsman, a professional like everyone else in this sport. You were lucky enough to fight against me during the deepest crisis of my career. You probably ate a lot of vegetables and potatoes to look like that? I’ll be back in the cage and I hope you will be in the opposite corner. Then we’ll see for how long you’ll be able to talk.

You can read more from Mirko Cro Cop’s blog at MMA-ID.

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