Team Anderson Silva: “Tell Georges St-Pierre to Make Weight, We’ll Be Waiting”

Written by Tom Ngo
July 22nd, 2010

Anderson Silva Lyoto Machida Manager Ed Soares

It’s a dream match-up MMA fans want as badly as David Stern longs for a Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals to cap off the 2011 season. Although UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva and 170-pound stud Georges St-Pierre are two of the best mixed martial artists on the planet, they are worlds apart in terms of weight.

While both champions’ dance cards are currently full, the fantasy that this sexy showdown provides is more than enough to keep aficionados salivating over the possibility of the bout one day coming to fruition. If this scrap were to go down, the first order of business would be to determine which division will host the fight.

UFC President Dana White has already suggested GSP is too small to challenge Silva at middleweight given “The Spider’s” ability to effectively compete at light heavyweight. Although Silva suggested he’d like to “test” the welterweight waters, that’s not the direction White sees MMA’s deadliest marksman heading.

“The fight doesn’t really make all that much sense to me because Georges St-Pierre is a true 170 pounder,” White previously told 790 the Ticket in Miami. “Anderson Silva at 185 has moved up to 205 and done very well at that weight. I see him moving up, not moving down. I do like Anderson Silva at 205 pounds. That’s a natural weight for him.”

Ed Soares, Silva’s longtime manager (or “mouthpiece” if we were to asked Chael Sonnen), believes his client would be best served facing St-Pierre on his own turf.

“First of all, I think to protect both champions, I think it’s smarter to do it at a catchweight possibly, but who knows? Anderson … I don’t think he could. Maybe he could, I’m not sure, make it down to 170. I think it’s much easier and more likely that Georges goes up to 185,” Soares told MMAWeekly.com.

GSP stepping up would make the most sense, especially since the sport’s baddest welterweight has practically waxed the division clean. If St-Pierre is looking to bounce from the only class he’s ever competed in, the Brazilians will be sitting by their Bat Phone.

“It would be interesting. It would be a great promotion. If either one could make each other’s weight class, it would be a great promotion to be the first guy holding two belts at the same time,” Soares added.

“Tell GSP to make weight, we’ll be waiting.”

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