Chael Sonnen: “Anderson Silva’s Going to Look More Like Michael Jackson Than a Cage Fighter”

Written by Tom Ngo
July 25th, 2010

UFC Middleweight Anderson Silva

While most would be on their best behavior after having their jobs threatened, Chael Sonnen claims middleweight king Anderson Silva isn’t worried in the least about UFC president Dana White punting him out of the Octagon.

After his “embarrassing” performance against Demian Maia at UFC 112 this past April, Silva’s third consecutive uneventful title defense, the brash promoter stated he’d kick MMA’s deadliest marksman to the curb if he ever revisited his disenchanted ways.

Although the warning was a stern one, the 3-to-1 underdog doesn’t believe “The Spider” will have located his mojo by the time their August 7th date rolls around.

“I gotta prepare for the same [Anderson Silva],” Sonnen antagonistically told ESPN’s MMA Live. “A lot of people think he’s going to come out and fight me, he’s not. He’s not scared of Dana White’s threats. Anderson’s a really rich man, it’s very hard to scare a rich man.”

What else is wrong with the Brazilian that’s rattled off 12 consecutive wins, Chael?

“He’s also a guy that doesn’t train very hard. If you don’t train very hard, you can’t come out and get in a fight with somebody like I like to do,” Sonnen added. “You gotta go around and dance and punch the air. That’s what he’s going to do. He’s going to punch the air, he’s going to dance, he’s going to look more like Michael Jackson than a cage fighter.

“But I’m going to get my hands on him. That’s why I was hired to do this job. I’m going to be the guy that brings him down. It’s gonna be a tough, gritty fight. At the end of the day the tougher fighter is gonna win. I’m a lot tougher than he is.”

If Sonnen’s claims prove true, here’s the Silva fans can expect to see inside the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California:

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