Size matters? Wanderlei Silva considering a drop to Middleweight

Written by Tim Ngo
February 19th, 2008

Boy did this story get around fast, the word coming out of the Wanderlei Silva camp is that he is considering dropping down to the UFC’s Middleweight division. Silva’s trainer, Rafael Alejarra, told GracieMag.com that Silva spent the bulk of the holidays with his family. Alejarra went on to say, “we can’t confirm anything about the next fight, if just because there is the chance Wand will drop down in weight.”

If Silva remains at Light Heavyweight, then his next opponent will most likely be Keith Jardine but that’s now becoming a BIG if.

Many experts were surprised at the size advantage that Chuck Liddell had over Silva in their highly anticipated meeting at UFC 79 back in December. Silva could also be feeling the same about that size advantage as well. You certainly can’t doubt Silva’s heart as he’s one of the most passionate and willing fighters in MMA history, but even he may now realize that a drop down in weight is the only way to extend his career.

Alejarra did warn us that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions though as, “nothing’s for sure yet, we’ll wait and see”. It seems like this rumor is starting to pickup some steam and we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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