“I’m Gonna Take Anderson Silva’s Belt on August 7th and Dana White’s Gonna Fire Him on the 8th”

Written by Tom Ngo
July 27th, 2010

UFC Middleweight Chael Sonnen

Although UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva didn’t have much to say during Tuesday’s UFC 117 conference call, Chael Sonnen was more than happy to alleviate the threat of dead air by firing off some more classic one-liners aimed squarely at the Brazilian.

It appears Sonnen is either finally starting to annoy Silva or the planet’s baddest 185-pounder doesn’t feel the need to sell the pay-per-view broadcast because the part-time realtor is doing a masterful job on his own.

Speaking of employment…

“I am a partner of the UFC and Anderson Silva is an employee,” Sonnen said of comparing how the two approach their relationship with the world’s biggest MMA organization. “I’m gonna take Anderson Silva’s belt on August 7th and Dana White’s gonna fire him on the 8th.”

Sonnen seems intent on holding the UFC president to the promise he made after the sport’s most efficient striker hung his third consecutive uneventful title defense. Silva’s circus sideshow act at UFC 112 not only drew the ire of White, but the middleweight top contender immediately came in firing from all angles as well.

“There’s never been a guy with earrings that can out-tough me,” Sonnen said of the man that’s rattled off 12 consecutive lopsided victories. “I can drag Anderson Silva outside the hotel and beat him whenever I want, but I made a commitment to wait until UFC 117.”

That’s quite noble of the one-time political hopeful…

However, in regards to today’s one-sided conference call, Sonnen graciously thanked the press for not only attending, but hosting the Anderson Silva Appreciation Day.

“No one wants to hear from Anderson Silva anyway. The media are Anderson’s only fans,” Sonnen said of Silva’s deafening silence.

Although us media folk continued to poke and prod for responses that extended further than a flat “yes” and “no,” Silva seemed content on saving his energy for their showdown in Oaktown. Sonnen, to the surprise of no one, was gracious enough to shed some light on the champion’s dubious state.

“He’s a dummy,” Sonnen short-and-sweetly stated.

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