Michael Bisping Returning On Next U.K. Card

Written by Tim Ngo
July 16th, 2009

Michael Bisping Knocked Out

Following the brutal knockout that Michael Bisping suffered at the hands of Dan Henderson at UFC 100, Dana White announced that Bisping would return on the UFC’s next U.K. card.

Bisping spoke following the loss and had this to say about his future, “I have seen people like my training partner ‘Rampage’ Jackson lose fights in one or two rounds and still go on to become one of the best light-heavyweight fighters of them all, so I am not disheartened in any way.”

The true character of a fighter is shown after a loss. Bisping has a chance to prove that he does belong with the sport’s best, and if you ask him he’s positive he’ll be back.

“I do know that I have the ability to bounce right back and succeed in my aim of lifting the world title,” Bisping continued.

White has already planned out Bisping’s return, which will obviously have to wait until his medical suspension is met, telling the media, “Bisping’s probably gonna fight in the next fight [card] in the U.K.”

Going by White’s comments, Bisping should be expected to return to the Octagon in November at UFC 105.

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