Anderson Silva: “I Have No Desire for the Light Heavyweight Belt”

Written by Tom Ngo
August 4th, 2010

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You can call Anderson Silva a lot of things – and believe me, Chael Sonnen has – but loyal must certainly sit atop the list. Despite his ability to dominate multiple weight classes, the UFC middleweight king is content with holding just one title at this stage of his career.

“We must be prepared to face any eventuality and any new challenge, but I think going up to fight for the title at 205-pounds is very unlikely at the moment,” Silva told Sherdog.com. “[Mauricio “Shogun” Rua] is the champion. We’ve trained together and been on the same team. I find it hard to believe it will happen, but I’m speaking for myself.”

Silva is referring to their time together as teammates on the famed Chute Boxe Academy many moons ago. However, “The Spider’s” loyalty didn’t stop there as MMA’s deadliest assassin also refuses to leapfrog his current Team Black House amigos in order to get there.

“There are other fighters who deserve the chance. Take [former champion Lyoto Machida], for example. He deserves a rematch against Shogun,” Silva expressed. “While Shogun showed himself superior in [their UFC 113] fight. Lyoto should get another chance. Behind him, [Antonio Rogerio Nogueira].

“If there are other opportunities in that class, I’d fight, but I have no desire for the [light heavyweight] belt.”

Are you SURE???

“I don’t have any intention of doing that. Maybe one day, but not now,” Silva reiterated. “Today, I’m focused on my goal, which is keeping my belt and reaching our team goals. I want to keep my belt for years to come, and perhaps, until the end of my career.”

Bros before belts, it’s MMA guy code.

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