The Method Behind Chael Sonnen’s Madness

Written by Tom Ngo
August 7th, 2010

UFC Middleweight Chael Sonnen

If I were to tell you one of the main event fighters involved in tonight’s UFC 117 show was earning a percentage of the pay-pew view revenue while the other was simply taking home a flat salary, which athlete do you think it would be?

The Brazilian that “pretends” to no hablo ingles, or the human-hype machine that’s probably still running his mouth just hours before the biggest scrap of his career?

Oddly enough, it’s UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva that will pocket a piece of the PPV pie despite allowing Chael Sonnen to handle all of the pre-fight festivities with his nationwide comedy tour.

Although he’s done the majority of the heavy lifting to hype tonight’s highly anticipated showdown, Sonnen claims there really wasn’t any other option.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s the way it should be. Nobody cares about Anderson Silva, nobody buys his merchandise. He’s the worst selling pay-per-view draw in the history of the UFC,” Sonnen told MMAFighting.com. “He doesn’t talk to the fans, he doesn’t talk to the media, he pretends he doesn’t speak English.

“This is the way it should be. It should be the Chael Sonnen Show. I’m the one they’re tuning in to see. I’m the one that’s selling out the arena, not him.”

In addition to selling out stadiums as if he were Jay-Z, Sonnen’s primary motivation in unleashing his classic one-liners is that everyone in MMA knows who he is now. Even if the Gambling Gods are correct and Silva upholds his -400 status, the Team Question trained fighter has put his name on the map.

If it weren’t for Sonnen, most fans would be complaining about having to pay to watch “The Spider” steamroll another unworthy adversary. Thanks to the sport’s most articulate smack talker, enthusiasts worldwide can’t resist forking over $44.95 to see if Sonnen’s mouth has written checks his body can’t cash. He’s going to pay dearly for it if he has.

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