Roger Huerta Responds to Street Fight: “I Got the Better of Him and I Left”

Written by Tom Ngo
August 5th, 2010

Former UFC Fighter Roger Huerta

MMA lightweight sensation and part-time bar brawler Roger Huerta has broken his silence in regards to the video footage that hit the Internet yesterday. Huerta was captured coming to the aid of a female partygoer who was dropped by a sucker-punching man outside of an Austin, Texas bar this past Saturday.

“I approached the man calmly and said, ‘Do you know what you just did? You just knocked out this girl,'” Huerta told TMZ.com on Thursday afternoon.

After the former UFC superstar called the attacker out on his deplorable act, Huerta was greeted with an altercation instead of an apology.

Huerta claims the douchebag proceeded to scream, “[Expletive] you, [expletive] these bitches, I’ll knock out any [expletive] bitch that I wanna [expletive] knock out, I’ll knock your [expletive] bitch ass out.”

The Bellator Fighting Championships employee added, “… and as he’s saying this, he’s taking off his shirt … and at that point I was like, ‘alright.'”

Huerta insists that he didn’t throw the first punch, clearly the lowlife did when he floored the unsuspecting female with a cheap shot to end all cheap shots.

The 155-pounder professes that he only wanted to scrap after he “started swinging at me.”

“If that was my mom, if that was my sister, my spouse, anyone … I would’ve wanted someone to step in and do something about it,” he added.

After quickly disposing of his latest victim, Huerta said it was well past his bedtime and he needed to bounce ASAP. That’s why he’s nowhere to be found when the thug emerges unconscious on the concrete.

“I got the better of him and I left,” Huerta matter-of-factly stated.

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