Chael Sonnen: “Everybody in the UFC Should Issue an Apology Except Me”

Written by Tom Ngo
August 10th, 2010

UFC Middleweight Chael Sonnen

Despite the inordinate amount of junk Chael Sonnen spewed leading up to his UFC 117 showdown with middleweight champ Anderson Silva, the chatty challenger believes he doesn’t owe anyone any apologies. In fact, the boisterous part-time realtor claims everyone that isn’t willing to call out their division’s king should be the ones coughing up the ‘I’m sorry’ spiel.

“I don’t apologize for anything,” Sonnen stated at the post-fight press conference. “I’m not backing off my stance, and if I ever did, I would send myself a pink slip and move on in life.

“I’m not ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter,’ and I don’t issue apologies, and you’re not going to be the first one to get one out of me.”

Sonnen’s diversified disses throughout this entire ordeal have been borderline outrageous, yet extremely amusing. Despite the disappointing loss, he has cemented himself as MMA’s most articulate trash talker. The best part about Sonnen’s comedy tour is that it knows no bounds, so you better find shelter when he’s set to explode.

“When I go off, it’s like a bomb and anybody around me is going to get dirty,” he stated. “That’s the way that it goes. I don’t offer any apology for any of that stuff, and these guys need to get thicker skin.

“Second off, everybody in the UFC should issue an apology except me. If you stick a microphone in a guy’s face and he calls out anybody but the champion, [Octagon matchmaker Joe Silva] should fax him a pink slip right then. If you’ve got the belt, I’m coming after you.”

While most didn’t consider Sonnen to be anything more than another notch on Silva’s immaculate middleweight title belt, he backed up all of his yang by unleashing a whooping on the planet’s baddest 185-pounder for 23 minutes and 10 seconds. Unfortunately for the Team Quest trained fighter, his spectacular performance wasn’t enough as “The Spider” miraculously rallied at the 11th hour to seal the triangle armbar submission deal.

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