Mark Cuban willing to team up with Vince and Shane McMahon of the WWE

Written by Tim Ngo
February 23rd, 2008

The Edmonton Sun recently interviewed Dallas Mavericks/HDNet (Fights) owner Mark Cuban via E-Mail. A variety of topics were discussed, but the one topic that has the MMA world talking at the moment is the possibility of the McMahon family of the WWE partnering up with Cuban.

Cuban was asked about teaming up with the McMahon family in creating an MMA organization to compete against the UFC, his response may have surprised some but those who know the McMahons know that they are all about entertainment.

Here’s what Mark Cuban had to say:

Absolutely. We are looking to partner where we can, do our own promotions where it makes sense. We think the future is built around the fighters and their personalities. No one else has this focus and partnership approach. We think it’s a winner.

A lot of other website have read a lot into what Cuban said, but keep in mind what Cuban’s ultimate goal was for his HDNet Fights brand. He wants to create an umbrella of MMA promotions that work together under the HDNet Fights banner. When he mentioned, “We are looking to partner where we can“, it doesn’t mean that he’s going to create another MMA organization.

It would make sense to have the McMahons help Cuban with his HDNet Fights promotion in terms of marketing to the “sports entertainment” group as well as to the casual MMA fan.

Many of you may remember that when DSE was in the process of selling PRIDE, Shane McMahon was the one making the push for his father Vince to purchase it but Vince ultimately balked at making a serious offer. Now with MMA continuing to grow while the WWE is still trying to figure out where their ratings have gone, it seems as though Cuban has already started talking to the McMahons.

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