Final card for Strikeforce at the Dome tonight on HDNet

Written by Tom Ngo
February 23rd, 2008

Following an entertaining night of live MMA fights on HDNet courtesy of Maximum Fighting Championship, HDNet is looking to make another splash with bodogFIGHT’s Strikeforce at the Dome. Bob Sapp will be featured in the main event and will be fighting in his first ever cage fight. Sapp has fought all over Japan while gaining massive fan appeal, but now looks to gain that same fan base in America.

Make sure you tune into HDNet tonight at 7PM PST to catch all the live action!

Here’s how the final card looks for tonight’s event:

Main Event
Jan Nortje vs. Bob Sapp

Rick Roufus vs. Maurice Smith

Joe Riggs vs. Cory Davela

Eddy Ellis vs. Steve Berger

Lyle Beerbohm vs. Ray Perales

Ryan Healy vs. Jorge Masvidal

Josh Bennett vs. Mychal Clark

Zach Skinner vs. Scott Shaffer

Nathan Coy vs. Dave Courchaine

Matt Kovac vs. Mike Hayes

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Here’s a video from ESPN.com documenting a recent Bob Sapp workout

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