UFC Releases Welterweight Ben Saunders

Written by Tom Ngo
August 12th, 2010

UFC Welterweight Ben Saunders

Welterweight Ben “Killa B” Saunders was released from the UFC on Thursday night. The 27-year-old holds a 8-3-2 professional record and has dropped three of his last four scraps.

The talented striker lost a unanimous decision to veteran Dennis Hallman this past Saturday at UFC 117. Prior to his outing in Oakland, Saunders was handed another unanimous decision loss to top contender Jon Fitch at UFC 111. He shouldn’t feel too badly about his performance against Fitch, as he courageously accepted the biggest scrap of his career on less than 72 hours notice after Thiago Alves was forced to withdraw.

Saunders became a fan favorite as a contestant on “The Ultimate Fighter 6” in late 2007. His lanky limbs make him a deadly threat on his feet, however has been out-wrestled in his last two Octagon appearances. Thankfully, the world’s premier MMA promotion has invited the youngster back as soon as he sharpens up his mat skills.

Here’s Saunders’ Tweet late Thursday night:

“Sorry everyone I tried to fight my best these past two fights but ended up getting out worked… the UFC has officially cut me… the good news is they told me to work on my wrestling and ground game and then come back… So that is all I am going to be doing… improving dramatically and show them I belong. It was a honor to fight for the @UFC and I will make it back into the mix in due time… no one ever said my dream of getting that belt would be easy… in fact I was denied it as even a possibility and told I was crazy since I was a kid… look how far I have gone feeding off the doubters and haters… it just makes me that much more hungry… I’ll be back! There isn’t a doubt in my mind. Much respect to Swick, Fitch, and Hallman as they were the better men on those nights and have my full respect. To fight such names is a true honor… now to continue my journey like a ronin searching for the battle that awaits me… it will come and I will be ready… till then I will not stop training and improving myself as a martial artist and human being. Life is nothing but a longterm learning experience… I have learned enough to consider myself a veteran… now to continue my progress and look towards what the future holds for me… staying positive in negative times has been the hardest tests I have ever faced but I have been through harder times and have fought my way through… this is no different… To Joe Silva, Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, and the whole staff of the UFC it was good times and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future… To all my fans I thank you all and promise no matter where I go or who I fight I will be making the biggest and loudest noise I can letting it be known I am still here working harder than ever and will never give up…I will prove my worth and make my return to the UFC… to all the haters… thank you even more you help bring laughter and comedy to my life as well as determination to continue on and push harder than before to make a statement. I always come to fight my mentality has always been win, lose, or draw… I come to bring action and excitement…but it doesn’t always work out that way…my mentality has not changed and that is because I love to fight and I love the fans…but as I improve I will continue to become more well rounded so I can fight anywhere and keep the same pace and excitement…that is my ultimate goal…to make my fights as exciting as I can, for all you guys who take the time and money to watch…but above all I will be working on my take-down defense and make them pay every time they try. Much love and respect to all. 😉


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