Chael Sonnen: “UFC President Dana White Owes Me Nothing”

Written by Tom Ngo
August 17th, 2010

UFC Middleweight Chael Sonnen

Although Chael Sonnen was not robbed of his opportunity to don the Octagon middleweight crown, the win was stolen away right from underneath him … literally.

While everyone on this side of the chatty challenger believes an immediate rematch is in order – if not for his 23 minute and 10 seconds of perfection at UFC 117, then for his ROFLMAO comedy tour that took the entire world by storm – Sonnen claims the UFC doesn’t owe him a thing.

“You know what, I wanna make the UFC money, the UFC does not owe me a thing. Nothing. I am in debt to them,” Sonnen told Fighting Words with Mike Straka. “I’m a wrestler from a wrestling background, I have paid money to take on nine of the toughest guys in the country in one day before.

“If they wanna pay me a few bucks to take on one guy three times a year, well good for me but they don’t owe me anything.”

If the part-time realtor’s goal was to make the world’s premier mixed martial arts promotion even more cheddar, then he certainly succeeded as Sonnen emerged as the sport’s more entertaining and articulate trash talker throughout the pre-fight promotional festivities. Although he did more than his fair share to sell the event, don’t think for a second he’s gonna get a taste – or even wants a piece – of that pay-per-view pie.

“I’m not a partner to the UFC. I’m not in on the PPV sales, I get a flat fee. So I’m just not in the job of selling fights,” Sonnen matter-of-factly stated. “Now with that said, I can fight Anderson Silva anytime I want. I agreed to wait until August 7th and I will do everything in my power to make sure that as many people are gonna watch me beat him as possible, and I will do the same thing when we rematch.”

While Sonnen’s interview with HDNet was filmed the day after his triangle-armbar submission loss to Anderson Silva, it didn’t air on HDNet until this past Friday. Yesterday, the California State Athletic Commission released the official UFC 117 paydays and most aren’t too impressed with the salary on Sonnen’s W-2. Although everyone believes the UFC got him on the cheap to perform at UFC 117, the Team Quest fighter is simply grateful to have a job.

“Not only did I not get a piece, I’m not entitled to a piece. Dana White owes me nothing. I’m in debt to Dana White,” he humbly said in closing.

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