WWE’s Jim Ross Believes Strikeforce Should Hire Paul Heyman

Written by Tim Ngo
August 24th, 2010

Heyman Hustle Paul Heyman of WWE

Paul Heyman has gone up against Goliath once before when his ECW brand went head-to-head with Vince McMahon and the WWE. As we all know, the WWE eventually won out but Heyman definitely changed the landscape in pro wrestling.

Former WWE play-by-play man, good ‘ol Jim Ross, recently blogged about Strikeforce’s reported interest in acquiring Heyman’s services to upgrade their company’s much maligned production value.

“I saw a TV interview with Strikeforce honcho Scott Coker talking about Paul Heyman, who will be a hotter than usual topic, as being rumored to become affiliated with Strikeforce in some way,” Ross wrote. “Heyman knows how to produce an exciting TV show and how to build stars so I see this as a potentially strategic move if it can be finalized. This story will undoubtedly take on a life of its own over the next several days.”

In addition to providing thrilling television, Heyman also made a name for himself with creative ideas that helped propel the sports entertainment industry during its golden era. Ross believes he might just be the perfect man to make Strikeforce a legitimate threat to the UFC.

“S’Force would b well served 2 retain Paul Heyman’s expertise,” Ross later tweeted.

Whether it’s the generic music that blares through the speakers while Jimmy Lennon Jr. announces the fighters down the aisle, or the horrid camera angles that continually hinder the fans’ viewing experience, there are definitely tweaks Heyman could implement that could significantly help the San Jose, California based MMA promotion.

No matter what anyone might say about the sport of professional wrestling, there’s one thing that can never be discounted; and that’s the overall entertainment value the WWE consistently brings each and every week.

Above all else, Heyman has a serious knack for finding superstars and nurturing them along. He was the one who believed Brock Lesnar would be the next star in pro wrestling, and needless to say he was right.

The question is, can he translate that success over to MMA?

If he can, will he be able to pry his buddy Brock away from the Octagon’s clenches?

Hopefully, we’ll all have the opportunity to find out.

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