Team Tompkins replaces the removed Xtreme Couture in the IFL

Written by Tim Ngo
February 29th, 2008

While writing our event preview for tonight’s IFL event from the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, we noticed that Xtreme Couture was removed from the IFL’s website and was replaced by Team Tompkins. According to Sherdog, the IFL removed Xtreme Couture out of, “professional courtesy for Randy and his group.” Tompkins was already going to coach the Xtreme Couture camp in the IFL but that wasn’t enough for the UFC.

Zuffa, LLC. filed a preliminary injunction against Randy Couture so that his “likeness” wouldn’t be used to help promote the competition. Zuffa’s claim is basically that if you hear Couture’s name on anything, it’s as though he’s helping promote a company that’s not named the UFC.

We’re still not sure as to whether or not Couture will even be allowed to attend the event which features many fighters from his Xtreme Couture gym that is based out of Las Vegas. If barred from the event, it would definitely be a tough blow for the fighters from his camp that could use his experience and knowledge in their corners.

Tompkins is a more than capable coach as he led the Los Angeles Anacondas to a successful season last year in the IFL when he took over for Bas Rutten. Tompkins has been heavily involved in all training aspects within the Xtreme Couture camp, specfically with IFL Lightweight superstar Chris Horodecki.

MMAWeekly is now reporting that Zuffa has won the preliminary injunction against Randy Couture, which means that Couture will not be in attendance at tonight’s IFL event in Las Vegas and his name or likeness will not be used again until the court rules otherwise. As stated on MMAWeekly though, this is just an preliminary hearing and that there will be more court dates down the road. Today’s win for Zuffa is only for tonight’s IFL event.

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